Our Solutions are sophisticated services for mobile messaging from your mobile, web browser or email client.

Imagine you are a boss of a team and you need to get a message out to all of your team as quickly as possible. They aren't always on email but they always have their mobile phones close by (of course). You decide to text each of them. Each of them. One-by-one you send them the same text message. It's made a little easier by you copying and pasting the same message, but you've got a team of 50 people and it's going to take time.
AlertBroadcast is an effective two-way SMS alert system between a controller and a team. Send an SMS broadcast to alert a team in an emergency situation or with time critical information. Broadcasts can be sent simply by sending an SMS from your mobile.

EmailSMS is a simple SMS solution for organisations that allows the sending and receiving of SMS using email. Send a message in an email and it will be delivered as an SMS to a mobile phone. Messages can be sent by SMS from a mobile phone and delivered to an email inbox.

WebSMS is a quick and easy online solution for organisations to send and receive SMS through a regular web browser. This solution requires no technical preparation or experience and you can send an SMS to a single mobile phone or thousands of mobile phones.

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