The Client

This is a well-known London based law firm which is highly regarded for their diligence in delivering a seamless approach to client and service management.

The Challenge

The very nature of this client's business meant that security and data protection considerations were paramount but they also needed to respond to changing employee needs. They had several hundred lawyers who needed access to their systems remotely. Having already chosen a security product that delivered tokenless two factor authentication, they needed to identify a dependable provider for SMS delivery.

Dependable Messaging Solution

HSL Mobile was approached and responded to the challenge by providing a secure and highly dependable outbound SMS messaging service for delivery of messages to mobiles, with an API compatible with their chosen two factor authentication product. The solution fulfilled their need for reliability, security and fast delivery of messages to mobiles.

The company chose HSL Mobile to take advantage of our technically advanced and highly reliable SMS messaging delivery infrastructure.

Results Speak for Themselves

In the words of this particular client’s IT Director: "HSL provide us with a secure and reliable system for the transport of business critical text messages and play a vital role in our overall security architecture."

How Could It Work for You?

If you need to depend on mobile messaging as part of your business then you need us. We are so confident in our people and our systems that we offer clients the reassurance of Service Level Agreements targeting over 99.99% service availability.

Our services can be applied to a wide range of companies requiring highly secure and reliable communications services.

Could you benefit from a similar solution in your business? Get in touch.

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