The Client

A global leader in international express, over land transport and air freight, handling over 1.5 billion shipments a year through a network of 6500 offices worldwide.

The Challenge

The sheer volume of requests relating to the status of shipments was putting increasing pressure on their customer services department, wasting staff time with an inevitable impact on company overhead costs. To help minimise this expense, the company saw the value of extending their existing self-service parcel tracking capability to mobile users – the first to market with such a service giving them an edge over their competitors.

They also identified the need to increase mobile based communications between staff and make it possible for IT systems to initiate SMS messages to the mobile phones of appropriate staff and customers, primarily intended to enable integration into automated customer notification systems.

With our long experience of providing mobile communication services to other world class organisations, the client naturally turned to HSL Mobile.

Track and Trace Solution

We introduced a mobile tracking service that allows customers to send an SMS containing the shipment number from their mobile. The company's application then processes the request and sends a text back to the customer within seconds to confirm the status of their shipment. This significantly reduces the pressure on their customer services department and enhances their customer service.

Choosing HSL Mobile also meant the client could take full advantage of our highly reliable and technically robust SMS delivery infrastructure, seamlessly linking into the infrastructure of multiple mobile network operators.  This powerful infrastructure enables HSL Mobile to offer clients a Service Level Agreement based on over 99.9% availability.

Results Speak for Themselves

As a result of this success, the client has stayed with HSL Mobile and come back to us time and time again to improve other existing services and fulfil new requirements. As such, multiple services are now provided by HSL Mobile to the client and their individual business units across the organisation.

How Could It Work for You?

We are not just an SMS Gateway. We provide a whole range of mobile communication services to fit the client's need.

We use SIM hosting to provide inbound numbers that customers can use to send in their mobile tracking requests.

We provide SMTP email one-way by utilising an alphanumeric source address to send outbound SMS messages branded with the company's name so that customers can easily identify the company as the sender of the message and recognise it is not spam or any other unimportant SMS.

We can also provide SMTP email two-way to send SMS to mobile phones using an inbound number as the originator address, enabling replies to be sent from the recipient which are then received by an email address within the company.

Could you benefit from a similar solution in your business? Get in touch.

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