The Client

This client is a leading global security company providing integrated risk mitigation solutions to multi-national corporations, governments, non-government organisations and private individuals.

The Challenge

This client required a central control centre and security tracking system for their people and assets, by fitting devices to vehicles and having users carry personal devices. It was crucial that all of the devices included both GPS functionality to enable vehicles or users to be tracked, and have an ‘alert’ button which can be activated by the user whenever assistance was required.

Mobile Security Alerts Solution

As you can imagine, it was absolutely essential that this company could accurately track locations and ensure all security alert status information was correct. In order to reliably deliver this type of information to the central control centre, HSL Mobile was hand picked for their technical expertise and ability to interface with the company's security tracking system. HSL Mobile's 24x7 technical support also helped make this an easy decision for the company.

Upon activation, the security company responds in line with processes previously agreed with the user's organisation. These responses range from phone calls to the user or user's organisation through to the despatch of an armed response team to the vehicle or user's location.

To achieve maximum speed of communication mobile security alerts are used. SMS messaging allows for remote configuration in addition to reporting location tracking information and any security alert status to a central control centre.

Results Speak for Themselves

On top of what we originally provided, the client has now also implemented an SMS customer security alert system based on our infrastructure and AlertBroadcast application.

When the security company is made aware by employees or other intelligence sources that extra security is needed due to an increased level of threat in ‘at risk’ environments, it relies on the HSL AlertBroadcast solution as the preferred medium of communication.

Authorised security company staff can initiate an SMS alert to a group of customers in any potentially affected locations by sending one SMS message containing the required information from their mobile to the HSL AlertBroadcast number at any time, and from any location.  We take care of the rest, with HSL Mobile's technically capable infrastructure ensuring that these time critical messages are delivered to users reliably and promptly.

How Could It Work for You?

Our highly reliable SMS delivery comprises of geographically separate and independent customer facing sites, and links into the infrastructure of multiple mobile network operators worldwide.

The reliability of this infrastructure is such that we are able to offer customers the reassurance of Service Level Agreements based on over 99.9% service availability at all times.

Could you benefit from a similar solution in your business? Get in touch.

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