The Client

Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgian airline that offers the widest choice of flights to and from its base in Brussels Airport, operating 43 aircrafts and around 250 flights every day.

The Challenge

In 2008/2009 airlines within the industry began introducing new technology to keep passengers informed about any changes to their flights and it was at this time that Brussels Airlines decided that it would be wise for them to follow suit. The new technology consisted of a robotic tool which scanned passenger lists to extract passengers' mobile numbers and their email addresses. After some consideration Brussels Airlines decided to send the flight information out primarily via text message (using email as a back up channel only) and for this, they required a reliable and fast SMS service.

Passenger Information Service

Brussels Airlines were referred to HSL Mobile and shortly after they implemented HSL Mobile's SMS service. The service enables the airline to send out text messages from their existing email browser thus making it quick and easy for them to send out passenger information as and when required.

Results Speak for Themselves

A few months after implementing the service, Eyjafjallajökull‎ erupted in March 2010 and the resulting ash cloud led to the shutdown of many flights. Brussels Airlines quickly realised how crucial it was to provide passengers with up to date flight information. Over the course of 3 days, Brussels Airlines used the new SMS service to advise 50,000 passengers via text regarding the disruption to their flights thus preventing unnecessary travelling to airports which in turn avoided even further overcrowding within the airport buildings. 

Since then the airline has expanded its use of the service and what was once just an add-on service, is now considered mandatory by the airline's passengers as part of the airline's standard customer service. Tony Capiau, the airline's Business Systems Solutions and Support Manager remarked that "the biggest benefit in using HSL Mobile's service is passenger satisfaction. Although we are giving the passenger bad news, it is better to inform passengers and to do so as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made. HSL Mobile's service enables this."

The service is now used for advising business and non-business travellers of various types of operational changes including delays, cancellations, gate changes, seat changes …

How Could it Work For You?

Do you work for an airline/airport and wish to enhance your passenger relationships through improved communication channels? Then you could benefit from speaking to us. Get in touch.

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