The Client

A huge container operator which operates throughout Europe and which are renowned for their intermodal solutions with short transit times and perfect service.

The Challenge

Lorry moving quickly in a blurIn Zeebrugge, the client additionally offer warehousing and cross docking services and due to its location their warehouse can also be used as a bridgehead between the UK and the rest of Europe. As such the ability to maintain excellent interdepartmental communications, including with contractors, is crucial to the success of the business. However challenges arose when communicating with their truck drivers as the client has three different software systems and their truck drivers are not core staff but rather subcontractors which meant that the use of their onboard computers would be too difficult to utilise.

M2M Tracking Solution

Previously messages were sent through SIM boxes on a server in Belgium but because the majority of these messages are sent to international numbers, the cost of messages became too high. Coupled with a lack of redundancy, the client felt they therefore had no choice but to search for an alternative provider who could send messages at a cheaper rate with better redundancy and yet still be able to confirm delivery.

The decision to switch to HSL Mobile was therefore based on HSL Mobile’s cost effective pricing structures, the ability to forward the messages through the internet from an automated system and furthermore the solid, and professional, support and approach offered by HSL Mobile.

Results Speak for Themselves

Since moving to HSL Mobile, the client has now configured their three applications to produce a custom xml file which is submitted to their internal Microsoft Biztalk Server. When the message is sent through HSL Mobile, feedback to the originating application is sent back according to the instructions that were sent along with the message in the xml file thus enabling efficient, reliable and cost effective SMS communications.

How Could it Work For You?

Could you benefit from a similar SMS tracking solution in your business? Get in touch and we can start your journey today.

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