The Client

A high profile sporting event involving over ten thousand athletes from over two hundred countries competing in front of a global audience.

The Challenge

The event takes place over four weeks at a number of large venues and in various locations across the UK. The event is preceded by a formal opening ceremony and finishes with a lavish closing ceremony. In addition to the official organisers and athletes taking part there are also tens of thousands of volunteers who assist to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The many event staff and volunteers involved need to be able to work together in a slick, cohesive manner and fundamental to this is having the ability to be able to communicate instructions, updates and key event data succinctly and quickly to anyone they need to speak to whether its to organise uniforms and kit or logistics and amenity repairs.

Sports SMS Solution

In order to most effectively communicate with all parties involved and as the volunteers and staff were constantly on the move, SMS was considered the most appropriate tool to use. The event organisers approached HSL Mobile for a bulk SMS solution using the HTTP protocol to easily enable their application to connect with HSL Mobile’s servers for message delivery.

Results Speak for Themselves

The event was a resounding success and hails in the press as 'well organised' and 'a spectacular show' and has greatly benefited UK tourism. There have been many press reports attributing a lot of the event’s success down to the volunteers who participated and were it not for their effective communication, the results would have been quite different.

How Could it Work For You?

Do you organise national or global events which could benefit from improved communications? Then you could benefit from speaking to us. Get in touch.

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